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The TensarTech Marine wall system incorporates substantial concrete facing units capable of withstanding direct wave attack. The face units may, if necessary be pre-cast on site with the starter lengths of geogrid cast into the rear face of the units. Once installation gets underway, the main length of geogrid is then simply connected to the starter using a full strength bodkin joint.

River training walls are commonly built using TensarTech Modular Block Wall Systems.  Incorporating precast concrete modular (segmental) facing blocks the system may be installed without crane lifts or propping and the geogrids are securely attached to the face using a high efficiency polymer connector.

For enhanced erosion protection in areas prone to wave run-up or occasional high velocity flows Tensar Mat is a cost-effective non biodegradable permanent layer to help natural vegetation prevent soil erosion.

The benefits

Compared with traditional reinforced concrete structures, TensarTech Wall Systems offer you a number of benefits:

  • No propping: the unique modular block system can be simply built without the need for propping and in many cases without crane lifts
  • No concrete curing time on site: the dry jointed precast facings units require no curing and lend themselves to inter-tidal working. This also reduces the pollution risk from concrete contamination of watercourses.
  • Easy installation: often no specialist skills are needed
  • Reduce environmental impact: by using site-won or reclaimed material as fill, construction CO2 emissions can be reduced
  • Cut construction costs: with easy, rapid construction and the use of site-won materials, costs and time can be cut by up to half
  • Little or no maintenance: the systems have a design life of up to 120 years with minimal maintenance

Where soil erosion may be a problem, Tensar Mat can be the ideal choice:

  • Natural erosion protection: stabilising the surface while vegetation becomes established, then reinforces and enhances the root system in the long-term
  • Additional erosion control products are available from Tensar’s sister company, NAG (North American Green).

Whatever your project, we can help

For many years Tensar Technology has proven ideal for many coastal and waterways projects, including sea walls, causeways, flood bunds, canal restoration, slip repairs and river training walls, and a full range of case studies and brochures is available.

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