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Tensar for railway trackbed renewals and maintenance

Approved by Network Rail in the UK and National Rail Authorities across the world, Tensar’s geogrids have been the subject of extensive research over the last 30 years which has shown they can:

  • Maintain track geometry for longer (about x 3 times)
  • Reduce the rate of ballast settlement
  • Reduce traffic-induced ballast degradation
  • Extend the maintenance cycle
  • Stabilise ballast for over 20 years

Reducing construction time and costs on new lines

In new track construction over weak formation, incorporating Tensar geogrids in and around the sub-ballast layer means you can significantly reduce its thickness for the same bearing capacity, saving time and reducing costs.

Tensar has the answer for new railway embankment foundations

When embankments have to be built over poor ground a TensarTech Geocell Mattress System can be used to achieve stability and control differential settlement. Where settlement cannot be tolerated or there is insufficient time available for it to take place then our Load Transfer Platforms over piles, VCCs or Rammed Aggregate piers are a simple alternative to costly concrete rafts and ground beams.

Tensar has the answer for retaining walls and slope stability, too

Many new railway projects involve creating bridge abutments, wing walls, station retaining walls and steep embankment slopes. Tensar also has extensive experience in these areas, with a range of proven and attractive systems for their construction.

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