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Lagoon and waste capping

Industrial waste sites and sludge lagoons have long been problematic for engineers and owners. They must be made safe and comply with the prevailing environmental regulations. The capping of such sites not only makes site access difficult, but needs environmentally sound, long-term solutions that won’t exceed inevitable cost restraints. That’s where Tensar Technology can help, using our many years of experience to create innovative solutions.

Tensar’s extensive expertise in ground stabilisation has proved invaluable in refining techniques using geogrids for the safe and secure capping of sludge lagoons and other industrial waste.

  • Grids have been used over extremely weak ground and may be the only practical means of initial site access
  • Tensar geogrids and geocomposites can assist in the safe placement and compaction of the fill
  • This provides a mechanically stabilised layer and increases bearing capacity – enough to make some previously unusable sites usable

Reinforcement and support to landfill liner systems

Modern engineered landfills require reliable lining systems, both below to contain leachates and gases and above as part of the capping system to contain gases and exclude rain and snow water infiltration. Their low permeability barriers, whether engineered clay, geomembranes or composites of the two, will not function effectively if subjected to elongation. Tensar uniaxial geogrids are used as reinforcement within such lining systems to limit tensile strain.

Landfill applications include:

  • Soil veneer stabilisation to resist sliding movement on slopes such as landfill base slopes subject to temporary load from leachate drainage material or sloping capping systems to resist the weight of any drainage material and the topsoil cover
  • Landfill capacity expansion , also known as ‘piggy-backing’ occurs when a new engineered landfill is to be placed over old waste. The base liner for the new landfill must retain its integrity even when subject to differential settlement arising from the old decomposing waste below
  • Landfill liner support is necessary when the substrate presents an irregular surface profile. Landfills are often sited in former quarries with steep sides. Reinforced soil systems have been developed to be constructed against the quarry walls to present a smooth profile for the liner system while maximising the void space.

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