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Công trình biển và Đường thủy

River, lake or sea, construction at the water’s edge can present unique problems. But using Tensar’s geogrids, erosion products and TensarTech wall systems, engineers can specify reliable, flexible and environmentally sound flood defences – that when compared to traditional methods  can cut costs and time by as much as half.

Easy, economical and environmentally sound quay structures and river walls

Relatively easy and quick to install, TensarTech wall systems consist of a geogrid reinforced backfill with a range of modular concrete facing units.

  • Compared with reinforced concrete, construction costs and time can be cut by up to 50%
  • They can be built without propping and often without crane lifting
  • Site-won material can be used as structural fill, reducing costs and environmental impact even more
  • A choice of attractive finishes is available, and facing units can be factory-produced or cast on-site
  • Highly durable, they are designed for 120 year life

Designed for demanding sea defence conditions

The TensarTech Marine wall system incorporates a substantial mass concrete facing unit which can be pre-cast on site with starter lengths of geogrid cast into the rear face of the units.  Once installation gets underway the main length of geogrid is then simply connected to the starter using a full strength bodkin joint. This system is designed for coastal protection subject to wave attack.

Inland waterways

Retaining walls for waterways not exposed to wave attack can be built using one of the TensarTech Wall Systems incorporating modular or segmental facing blocks which can be installed without crane lifts or propping. The modular blocks are securely attached to the geogrid reinforcement layers in the structural fill using a full design strength polymer connector.

Erosion protection

On inland water, such as rivers, lakes, reservoirs and drainage ditches, natural vegetation often provides adequate protection against soil erosion. But in areas prone to wave run-up or occasional high velocity flows, Tensar Mat can form a cost-effective long-term protection layer, stabilising the surface while vegetation becomes established and then providing long-term reinforcement of the root system. North American green, a Tensar Company, offers comprehensive erosion control and turf reinforcement solutions.  The breadth and depth of North American Green’s product offerings, technical expertise, advanced support technologies, customer service, and expanding geographic reach clearly differentiate them in a market with many alternatives.

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