Oakdale West Industrial Estate

Sydney, Australia

Time-saving solution with mechanical connection

The industrial estate development needed a grade separation solution for its warehousing industrial hub which involved varying heights. The reinforced soil structure was designed to accommodate a noise barrier wall positioned close to the wall face.


  • Optimised design by using wider geogrid spacing and varying geogrid grades
  • Reduced construction time and effort using mechanical connection between the TensarTech® TW3 Keystone & Tensar RE500 uniaxial geogrid
  • TensarSoil software was readily available to design as per the Australian Standard, AS4678
Client's Challenges

A grade separation solution was needed for the warehouse at Oakdale West Industrial Estate development that will serve as an industrial hub for multiple industrial companies such as online retailers, automotive users, logistic services, and pharmaceutical products. A noise barrier was proposed above the wall to be built close to the wall facing and the top of the wall was designed to enable continuation of services.

Tensar Solutions

Tensar’s Australian distributor, Geofabrics, proposed the TensarTech® TW3 Keystone system reinforced with Tensar RE500 uniaxial geogrid. The TensarTech® TW3 Keystone system uses mechanical connectors between blocks and geogrids. The wall design benefitted from the positive connection as it allowed the utilisation of maximum geogrid long term design strength, enabling wider geogrid spacing compared to frictional connection with different geogrid types. Five cross sections for the other geogrid layouts were designed in accordance with AS4678 and prepared using TensarSoil software for the 330m long wall with the height ranging from 3m to 13.4m.