Advancing Sustainable Development: Tensar's Commitment to UN's 17 Goals

by Tensar International , on tháng 11 02, 2023

Advancing Sustainable Development: Tensar's Commitment to UN's 17 Goals 

Due to the construction industry being one of the largest carbon contributors, environmental consciousness and responsible practices are of utmost importance. Here at Tensar, a Division of CMC, we believe we have a responsibility to create products and designs which contribute towards a sustainable future.

A culture of innovation and commitment is at the heart of Tensar, and as the inventor of geogrid technology and a world-leading manufacturer and provider of subgrade stabilisation and soil reinforcement solutions, we align or efforts with the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and have taken meaningful steps towards several of these vital goals. 

Gender Equality – SDG5  

Tensar firmly believes that achieving gender equality is not just a goal, but a necessity for building an inclusive and thriving society. Over a quarter of our staff across the Eastern Hemisphere business is female, with over one-fifth of our senior staff representing the female gender. 

The Company is dedicated to providing and promoting equal opportunities for all our employees. We are striving to creating a working environment which enables everyone to work to the best of their skills and abilities and are committed to forging relationships founded on mutual respect, being accountable for our actions and acting with respect for others.

We are on a journey to become a truly inclusive organisation. As a result of initiatives we have commenced, we were proud to be shortlisted as Finalist for the ‘Equality, Diversity and Inclusion’ Ground Engineering Award. Since 2021, we have trained 14 Inclusion & Diversity Ambassadors and our Eastern Hemisphere Leadership team have also completed this training, thus striving towards conscious inclusion.

A team of individuals from our Talent & Development Cohort in 2021 were tasked with drafting an Inclusion, Diversity & Equality policy, whilst also identifying recommendations for the Senior Leadership Team. This policy was well received and rolled out across the Eastern Hemisphere. To further our journey, we hosted a virtual Inclusion & Diversity conference which included speakers from Microsoft, Michael Page, BAE Systems. Co-Op, Anglo American and HS2, who shared their experiences of equality, diversity and inclusion and shared best practice for making organisations a better place to work.

Talent is also being attracted – and retained – by these initiatives. This was highlighted when Tensar received a Diversity, Inclusion & Inclusive Recruitment Award, NWEEG Awards 2021. The Senior Leadership Team (SLT) is championing the project, ‘leading by doing’, and demonstrating its commitment by undertaking training and engagement activity, as it is rolled out across the company to the wider audience. By ensuring equal opportunities, empowering women at all levels of the organisation, and promoting a culture of respect, Tensar contributes to creating a workplace where everyone can realise their full potential.

Clean Energy at the Plant – SDG7 

Acknowledging the urgency of transitioning to clean energy sources, Tensar has taken strides to minimise its carbon footprint. The company is investing in sustainable energy solutions to power its operations, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and resource consumption. Since 2020, Tensar’s manufacturing plant is powered by 100% renewable energy, which makes Tensar a leader in proving how the private sector can adopt cleaner alternatives for a greener future. 

Tensar Manufacturing plant in Blackburn is powered by 100% renewable energy

Innovation and Infrastructure – SDG9

Innovation runs in Tensar’s DNA. Through extensive research and development, Tensar is continuously evolving and as a result the company has consistently delivered ground stabilisation and soil reinforcement solutions that are efficient, durable, cost effective, and environmentally conscious. Through close collaboration with organisations like the International Geosynthetics Society (IGS), Tensar seeks to be a driving force behind advancements in the geosynthetics arena and in geotechnical engineering at large. Its continuous innovation not only enhances infrastructure development but also paves the way for sustainable progress.

For example, Tensar’s latest advancement and highest performing product to date is Tensar InterAx geogrid, which is a result of 12 global teams and over 10,000 hours of research and development.

The design of Tensar InterAx includes sophisticated geometries, hexagonal, trapezoidal and triangular shapes across continuous and non- ribs. These all come from advanced material science and manufacturing. All of this ensures that these advanced geogrids provide enhanced confinement of aggregate particles and improved interlock between aggregate and geogrid, incorporating a Tensar Mechanically Stabilised Layer – the result is improved performance under trafficking and other imposed loading conditions.

As activities involved in road and platform construction are notably energy intensive, by embracing Tensar InterAx geogrids it is possible to reduce the project's carbon credentials by mitigating several factors:

  • Diminishing the need for quarrying and extracting aggregate materials
  • Reducing transportation demands for conveying materials from source to construction site
  • Streamlining installation processes and minimising excavation operations

Consequently, adopting Tensar InterAx geogrids not only optimises cost and time but also advances carbon footprint reduction.

More information about Tensar InterAx geogrids can be found here


Tensar InterAx’s optimised geometry improves confinement of granular particles and creates a highly efficient stabilised layer

Sustainable Cities and Communities -SDG11 

All Tensar products come with Environmental Product Declaration (EPD), which has also been extended to encompass the full Tensar InterAx product range. The now adopt a cradle-to-grave approach, which enables the designers to fully evaluate the environmental impact of using these products throughout the entire product lifecycle, from sourcing materials to recycling or disposal stages.

More can be read about EPDs in our Ground Coffee Blog here

Tensar's impact goes beyond its products; it extends to the very communities it serves. By providing solutions that ensure stable, longer lasting infrastructure foundations, often utilising locally sourced recycled fill material, Tensar contributes to the creation of resilient and sustainable urban environments. From stabilising roads to reinforcing slopes, Tensar's interventions play a pivotal role in safeguarding communities against natural disasters and preserving the integrity of infrastructure.

Moreover, Tensar’s products are predominantly aimed at reducing carbon high materials such as aggregates and asphalt. As a result, thousands of lorries transporting aggregates have been removed from the roads thus reducing noise pollution and disturbances to local communities and neighbourhoods.

Responsible Consumption and Production – SDG12

Tensar's commitment to responsible consumption and production echoes in every facet of its operations. By optimising material usage and employing efficient manufacturing processes, the company minimises waste generation, while maintaining the highest quality standards.  

Tensar packaging is locally sourced, over 60% of  their packaging solution are recyclable, or made from recycled materials, some having their own circular economy system. Furthermore, backing fabric for geocomposite is locally sourced. 99% of Tensar waste is recycled, reused or incinerated. Tensar's dedication to producing sustainable products not only supports its clients but also sets a remarkable example for industries striving to balance growth with environmental stewardship. 

As an example of Tensar's commitment to sustainable development, the Gallions Phase 3b development in London demonstrates the companies transformative influence. This project showcased Tensar's prowess in improving a contractor's bottom line while fostering sustainable urban development. 

Located along the Thames, the Gallions Phase 3b development aimed to deliver 238 homes, with 76% designated as affordable housing. The ground conditions of the project posed significant challenges, especially concerning material usage and environmental impact. Tensar's innovative approach, however, proved instrumental in revolutionising the piling process. 

Measurable Triumphs and Lasting Gains towards Climate Action – SDG13

Tensar's intervention in the Gallions Phase 3b development resulted in impressive and quantifiable benefits:

  • Financial Gain - By implementing a value-engineered piling mat solution, Tensar achieved estimated savings of £314,000 in costs for the substantial 8,000 square meters of piling mat. This marked reduction directly bolstered the contractor's profitability, enabling the allocation of resources to other critical project aspects.
  • Environmental Stewardship - Tensar's groundbreaking approach led to an exceptional 65% reduction in fill material thickness. Beyond cost savings, this optimisation translated to an estimated decrease of This reduction exemplifies Tensar's commitment to sustainable urban development.
  • Operational Efficiency - The refined design culminated in a noteworthy 30-day time saving during excavation and platform construction. This acceleration not only showcased Tensar's engineering excellence but also minimised disruptions to the local community – a pivotal tenet of sustainable development.
  • Reduced Traffic Congestion - Tensar's innovative solution further translated into an estimated reduction of 1,700 truck movements through London's streets, a boon for traffic congestion and urban liveability.

Download the Gallions Phase 3b Royal Docks Project Profile here

Tensar InterAx geogrid installed below the piling mat at Gallions Phase 3b enabled a massive reduction in fill volume

Tensar's integral role in the Gallions Phase 3b development underscores the potential of innovation and strategic engineering in shaping sustainable cities and communities. By challenging conventions and presenting creative solutions, Tensar has not only optimised construction processes but also set a benchmark for future endeavours.

This accomplishment stands as an example of Tensar's ongoing commitment to the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and aligns seamlessly with the vision of the International Geosynthetics Society. This is part of a longer plan that is now underway, however, through collaboration, innovation, and the application of cutting-edge research and development techniques, Tensar continues to pioneer sustainable urban development delivered through more sustainable, value engineered solutions.

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