Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh, UK

A retaining wall was required as part of the build for a new executive lounge for private jets at Edinburgh airport.


  • Environmentally friendly 100% recycable and 100% manufactured from UK waste polymer Resistance to weather conditions with TensarTech EcoCrib 
  • 120 year design life is available 
  • No maintenance is required with TensarTech EcoCrib
Client's Challenge

The client required a retaining wall to create space for a new lounge building and the original plan was to use a standard timber crib system.

Tensar Solution

The installer identified the environmental and durability benefits of using TensarTech® EcoCrib™ and this Tensar solution was selected. By specifying the TensarTech EcoCrib System, engineers gain a crib wall facing which provides an aesthetically pleasing alternative to a timber finish, whilst stability of the structure is provided by the geogrid reinforced soil mass.